Is teeth whitening safe? Will there be any side effects?

//Is teeth whitening safe? Will there be any side effects?

Many people feel that all those advertisements on TV with people getting pearly whites are too good to be true. A general notion is that using chemicals may cause some side effects. Some over-the-top advertisements may be the reason for this partially unfounded fear. Though treatment from excessively amateur medical practitioners use may cause some side effects, if properly used under the guidance of a licensed dental practitioner in moderation, it is quite safe. Also, exercise caution while purchasing oral health products and remember to check with your Dentist, if you have any questions about the products.

Let’s find out why our teeth get a yellow hue. Our teeth lose their natural color due to mainly two broad factors – extrinsic and intrinsic stains. The main culprits of leaving a mark on the enamel are our regular beverages, such as coffee, tea, cola, and dark-colored foods and drinks like red wine, ketchup and sauces. Fruits like grapes, blueberries, and pomegranates too are villains in smearing our teeth. The scientific reason is that these are rich in chromogens – pigment-producing substances that take a fancy for sticking onto the enamel. It is not just superficial damage, but acidic foods and sugary beverages can erode the protective tooth enamel and make it worse by helping the chromogens to stick onto the teeth. Another culprit is tannin, a bitter-tasting compound found in tea and wine that also leans towards tooth enamel.

So, whitening our teeth is nothing but counteraction against these color-causing, damage-inducing agents. There are mainly two broad categories of whitening agents. Peroxide-containing bleaching agents and whitening toothpaste (dentifrices).The former is used in a dentist’s clinic&contains Carbamide peroxide – a bleaching agent. The most common mild temporary side effects are tooth sensitivity and occasional irritation of soft tissues in the mouth.

Trust the factors involved in tooth discoloration and understanding the process of whitening have cleared your concerns on tooth whitening. 

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