First-Visit and Homecare

Routine dental check-ups are the most primary & basic service we offer. On your visit to Aurora Family Dentistry, we aim to make you comfortable, understand your dental & medical history, perform a preliminary check-up to assess the current situation, and discuss treatment options with you where required. We also instruct patients on the right way to care for their mouth, specifically for their problems, including what products to use.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Under cosmetic dentistry we offer smile enhancement services, which include teeth whitening, zoom whitening, porcelain veneers, gap-filling and more. The exact range and scope of treatment is decided with the patient, after considering their history, oral structure as well as finances.

Gum Disease

Periodontitis is a painful and serious conditions that can lead to other systemic infections if not diagnosed in time or treated well. At Aurora Family Dentistry, you can be assured of getting a timely and correct diagnosis, if you have been showing the signs of gum disease. This is extremely helpful in mitigating the problem, and in many cases helps prevent it altogether.

Dental Implants

Implants are the go-to treatment for replacing missing teeth. A professional and experienced implantologist is an expert at crafting the best implants to match your existing teeth and introducing them into your natural bite. Several aspects are to be considered before getting an implant, including the patient’s medical and dental history, bone structure, mouth architecture, habits and finances. Our team helps you carefully consider these options and come up with the best possible solution for you.


Porcelain fillings are the current norm for replacing old or leaking fillings, or dealing with broken, cracked crowns and decayed teeth. Traditional mercury based fillings often start to leak. They typically also weaken the tooth over time, drastically reducing its strength. Most importantly though – they look ugly. Porcelain fillings on the other hand, can be made to match the colour of your natural teeth precisely, giving not just a uniform look, but also making your teeth stronger, with increased bite strength and durability. The best part – porcelain fillings take no more than two visits and last you a lifetime.

Children's Dentistry

Our team have a way with children, ensuring our youngest patients have a fun and fearless time at the clinic, while learning a thing or two about dental hygiene. We see patients as young as three years old, and sometimes even younger. Our office environment makes visits less stressful and more enjoyable for the child and the parents. While we take care of most of the restorative work on children’s teeth in-house, including wisdom teeth extractions. In certain cases, we may refer them to specialists.

Root Canal

Root canals are possibly the most dreaded dental procedures. However, it is also the most technique and skill-intensive and at Aurora Family Dentistry, it is largely painless. When the nerve of the tooth is damaged either due to extensive decay, or an injury, a root canal is usually the only option to save the tooth from extraction. After a root canal, the tooth will need a porcelain filling or a crown (depending on how much repair work was done) to give the tooth its original strength, shape and appearance. At Aurora Family Dentistry, root canals are something we handle on a regular basis and we’ve become experts at not just the procedure, but also at comforting patients through it. We offer sedation techniques, including conscious sedation that practically numbs the operative area, significantly reducing the discomfort.

Crowns & Bridges

A dental crown is one of the ways to repair and restructure a damaged tooth, or a tooth that has undergone extensive restoration. It is a porcelain cap that goes over the existing tooth. When cemented in place, it covers the entire visible tooth, and looks and acts just as your natural tooth would. Thanks to the crown, the tooth now has a better shape and structure, more strength and an enhanced appearance. Well-made porcelain crowns can match the colour of your natural teeth precisely.

When a tooth is missing entirely; or let’s say you have more than 2 teeth missing in a row, a bridge is one of the ways to fix the gap, along with implants and dentures. Tooth bridges made of porcelain act, feel and look exactly like natural teeth. The only difference is that there is no ‘gap’ between teeth when you get a bridge. Bridges typically require the neighbouring teeth to undergo some restoration process in order to connect and fit the bridge. Therefore there are no ‘individual’ teeth in a bridge. They are all connected.

Whether a crown or bridge is the right option for you can be decided upon a consultation with our dentists. Depending on your preference and budget you can opt for an all-porcelain bridge or crown; or a porcelain-on-metal bridge or crown. Regardless of what you choose, the team at Aurora Family Dentistry is committed to giving you the best advice, treatment and care during your visit

Dentures & Partials

Dentures are the proven way to replace smiles, in situations where the majority of a patient’s teeth have been compromised by decay, injury or simply with time. While bridges and implants are great solutions to single or few teeth, dentures are a more practical and cost effective solution in cases of multiple teeth. At Aurora Family Dentistry, we put a lot of care and effort in designing our dentures – whether full or partial to give you the smile you once had, only bettered. From the perfect alignment, to the matching gum shade – each aspect is looked into and worked on by a specialist to create dentures that you will love even more than your natural teeth.


Orthodontics is the process of aligning teeth correctly, in cases where they have become misaligned. Teeth typically gain their natural alignment by the time all of the permanent teeth are in place. In some cases, this natural alignment can go awry – either due to an injury or an accident, or in many case also due to a weak or mis-formed bone structure. A flaw in the alignment leaves the patient with an incorrect bite as well as an unappealing smile in many cases. The orthodontists at Aurora Family Dentistry work with patients to correct the alignment and also prevent relapses with the help of braces and other aids. Re-aligning teeth is a long-term process, taking upto a year or more in some cases for the bite to set correctly completely. While re-alignment and corrections are most beneficial at a young age, there is no age-limit when it comes to correcting the smile. Read more about Invisalign treatment at Aurora Family Dentistry

Invisalign Clear Aligners Orthodontic treatment Clear braces

Zoom Whitening

At Aurora Family Dentistry, we offer the Philips Zoom Whitening treatment for stained or discoloured teeth. Rated the ‘most effective’ teeth whitening treatment by women’s health, it is also the most requested whitening product by patients in the U.S.

Teeth can become discoloured or stained for many reasons – eating habits, chemical treatments or sometimes also genetic. Whitening teeth can make a significant and immediate difference to your smile – making it brighter, livelier and enhancing your other features. Regardless of how dark your stains, at Aurora Family Dentistry we offer Zoom Whitening products and services for your specific needs, including a Take Home kit.

Conscious Sedation

We understand the discomfort and stress many patients feel while visiting the dentist’s office or getting dental treatments done. While sedation is a viable for many such instances and procedures, general anaesthetics often leave the patient feeling nauseated, dizzy or woozy upon regaining consciousness. It takes almost a day for the effects to wear off completely and to be able to resume normal activities. To counter this, Aurora Family Dentistry offers conscious sedation, a fully-controlled form of sedation that leaves the patient alert and awake, while numbing the areas that are being treated entirely. This type of sedation wears off quicker, has almost no side-effects and most importantly – is completely in control of the operating dentists. Our patients find it extremely relaxing, knowing they will be conscious and at the same time, not in much pain.

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