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Fear Could be one of the top reasons why people skip dental appointments! 

The ADA found in a 2014 study that 22% of all people skipped a visit to the Dentist on account of fear (

This is a pretty large number and represents on the average more than 1 in 5 people in the general population. Sometimes the fear is that of pain, while for some people it’s the fear of needles etc. etc.

At Aurora Family Dentistry we try and take care of this fear by doing several things:

  1. A warm welcome!

Our team of Doctors and staff, all have a warm and pleasant nature. This comes across in all their interactions with the patients. Getting a warm welcome makes a large part of the fear of the Dental office go away.

We have an aquarium in the office’s reception area. Seeing the multihued fish running around is also a calming experience for a lot of people. For children, this aquarium represents a fascinating opportunity to lose themselves in observing the fish dart around. This helps make them comfortable and makes it easier for our Aurora Kids Dentist to provide them with the very best treatment. 

  1. Hello!

Any patient’s visit to the office involves a principal concern even if the visit is for a pre-set appointment. Our patient management system ensures that your chief concern is the first thing that gets addressed whether it’s the Doctor or the Hygienist that you have an appointment with that day.

  1. X-rays

We do a full mouth X-Ray for new patients and specific tooth X-rays as needed while treatment progress. X-rays allow us to look at what’s happening in your teeth and under the gums. X-rays allow us to see how your bone and tissue are performing and these help us spot disease before it manifests in a visible flare-up in your mouth.

  1. Soft tissue exam

Our Soft tissue exam helps us not only spot Gum disease but is a key part of oral cancer screening. The University of Ottawa website (Source: 2007 Oral Health Module of the Canadian Health Measures Survey, CHMS) states that 21% of Canadian adults have had a moderate or severe periodontal (gum problem) disease. Gum disease is reversible if treated early. Through this soft tissue exam, we try and find the problem as close to onset as possible.

  1. Hard tissue exam

The hard tissue exam is the examination of the Teeth to check for tooth decay that might be hiding around old fillings and crowns and sometimes in the space between teeth. This is the examination of the teeth, themselves.

We also look for tooth discoloration which could mean that the tooth nerve has died. We check for cracks and fractures in the teeth, which might indicate the need for a crown and in some cases the need for extraction.

We check for whether there are signs that you have been grinding your teeth in your sleep (Bruxism). This is a slow process but if spotted early, and treated, major damage to the teeth can be prevented.

  1. Teeth alignment check

This is not just a cosmetic exam to see how good your smile is. This check is for function. Misaligned teeth could create crowding, which over time could damage the health of several of your teeth. The treatment for misaligned teeth could be an Orthodontic treatment. For children espcially, our Aurora Kids Dentist provide options of different kinds of orthodontic treatment including Invisalign treatment for teenagers.

  1. Pictures of the inside of your mouth

We take pictures of your teeth. We can show these to you on the large monitors of our operatory computers. These images help to show you exactly what might be a problem for you to treat or be concerned about.

These pictures and their interpretation by the Dentist are invaluable in your seeing and understanding what’s happening in your mouth.

  1. Your personalized treatment plan

With the exams complete, X-Rays and pictures taken we put all this together and work with you in the preparation of a comprehensive treatment plan that is unique for your requirements.

All treatment plans are unique for each individual and are prepared with diligence.

  1. Dental Hygiene and Teeth Cleaning

Your hygiene appointment is about cleaning the tartar and plaque from the teeth. At the same time coffee, tea, wine or other stains on the teeth are also removed. This simple treatment is very important as it helps you not only manage your dental health but it also gives you confidence in your smile!

  1. Setting up your next appointment!

At the end of each appointment, we evaluate what further needs to be done for you and book the next appointment. This could be for a combination of Hygiene or for a Clinical appointment. We put a great deal of planning into what we do for each of our patients. After all, no two mouths are the same!

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