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Emergency Dentist Aurora ON | Emergency Dentist Newmarket ON

There are many reasons that patients in the Aurora-Newmarket area might need an emergency dentist.

It has been our experience that a dental emergency can come at any time, and you can be certain that emergencies by their very nature come when you are least prepared. Emergency Dentist Aurora ON

Dr. Naqvi, Dr. Hothi and their team at the Aurora Family Dentistry will try their very best and accommodate you for a last-minute appointment if it’s for an emergency. 

We care for our patients and if we can help you deal with pain from a toothache or any other dental emergency, then we will certainly try and do that. We have extended hours two days a week, and we work Saturdays. We try and accommodate all emergencies.

If you have a toothache, a broken tooth, or any other dental emergency call us on 905-751-0009. We will do our best to get you treated as quickly as possible.

What are Dental Emergencies?

We find that a lot of people are unsure about whether they have a situation that counts as a dental emergency.

Here is a list of some things that do indeed count as a dental emergency. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, then call your dental office right away, and get your condition looked at by an emergency Dentist at Aurora Family Dentistry.

So call us if:

  • You have a toothache: You have brushed and flossed and it still hurts.
  • You have had a tooth come loose or knocked out in a game or in an accident.
  • You have a Gum or cheek injury and which is bleeding.
  • Your orthodontic braces have broken and come loose.
  • You have a chipped or cracked tooth.
  • You have lost the crown of a tooth and it’s very sensitive
  • You have an abscess, even if it’s not yet painful

Emergency Dentist near me in Aurora ON & Newmarket ON

How will an emergency dentist be able to help me?

If you live in the Aurora, Newmarket or other towns close by, then Aurora Family Dentistry is your emergency dentist near you.

If your tooth has been damaged or you are in pain, call us at 905-751-0009, right away so that we can schedule your appointment and treat the issue quickly.

While several dentists may require that you schedule appointments far in advance. Our staff will try and make an appointment for you to be seen by one of our dentists on priority.

How can I avoid Dental Emergencies?

While no one can avoid an accident, for most other emergencies – prevention may be possible through good maintenance of your oral health. Make certain to get your teeth cleaned twice a year. This gives your dental team the opportunity to catch a problem in its very early stages, and prevent it from becoming a major issue, even an emergency.




Aurora Family Dentistry is now open for routine dentistry including non-emergency dental care.


We are operating with all the RCDSO COVID19 prevention protocols.


Please call us before you visit on 905-751-0009.


Please visit the Health Canada website for COVID19 updates and more information.


Dr. Fahimay Naqvi & Dr. Amy Hothi

Aurora Family Dentistry


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