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5 Ways to Make a Dental Visit Easy for Your Kids

Starting early and starting small holds true even for dental hygiene and clinic visits. Instead of motivating kids with fear, educating them about their own bodies and familiarizing them with doctors at a young age will greatly reduce the stress of dental visits. 1. Don’t make the dentist into a bogeyman. Scaring your children into brushing their teeth every night with dental horror stories is a bad way to get them to take care of their teeth. Such tactics only backfire when

Is teeth whitening safe? Will there be any side effects?

Many people feel that all those advertisements on TV with people getting pearly whites are too good to be true. A general notion is that using chemicals may cause some side effects. Some over-the-top advertisements may be the reason for this partially unfounded fear. Though treatment from excessively amateur medical practitioners use may cause some side effects, if properly used under the guidance of a licensed dental practitioner in moderation, it is quite safe. Also, exercise caution while purchasing oral



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